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At Michelle Hay Management, we experienced in matching talent for your casting. Whether it's for a local ad or an international film, we're quick to find the right fit. From kids to adults, our talent pool is diverse and ready. In a world where image and presentation matter more than ever, Michelle Hay Management brings you the best in casting solutions. Rooted in the vibrant cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our roster includes a broad range of cast talent including aspiring actors, runway models, and versatile extras.

We help top brands like Red Tag, Cartier, Sea World and Samsung create content with impact across traditional and digital channels.

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The right Expertise

We don't just know casting; we've mastered it. Our years of experience in both local and international markets ensure that we can find the right fit for any job—be it print ads, digital content, or film.

We value your time. Our process is straightforward, ensuring you get the right talent without delay.

our Client-Centric Approach:

We listen. We put your needs front and center. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the talent that aligns with your vision and elevates your brand. No fluff. No unnecessary hurdles. Just the right fit, every time.

Versatile Talent Pool:

From children to adults, our candidates come from various ethnic backgrounds and have a range of skills. Whether you're looking for a specific look or a unique skill set, we've got you covered.

While we're deeply rooted in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our global connections give us a broader perspective. This means more options and insights for you.


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