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MH2 is a dubai based talent agency representing the best cast, hosts and hostesses across the region

We're experts at connecting filmmakers and producers with the the best cast in the region. Our talent agency thrives on honesty, dedication, and a straightforward approach to facilitate genuine partnerships and contribute to the growing creative landscape.

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CAST: Honest Portrayals, Lasting Impressions

At Michelle Hay Management, we value authenticity. Our actors don’t just play roles; they immerse themselves, delivering performances that resonate and linger.

From stage to screen, our cast members bring characters to life with depth and sincerity, reflecting Dubai's diverse narratives and vibrant cultures.

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hosts & hostesses: Genuine Connections, Meaningful Engagements

A show's success often hinges on the connection between the host and their audience. Our hosts and hostesses understand this intrinsically. They don't just present; they communicate, facilitating genuine interactions and building bridges between viewers and content.

With Michelle Hay Management, you get personalities that truly relate, ensuring your show or event in Dubai stands out for the right reasons.

Looking for the right talent?
We're here to help. let's make something great together.

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